Friday, April 16, 2010

Tim's secret designer Elmo - Project Runway 7

The Elmo K Mart Clearance Collection

Tim: " Elmo, surprise, it me honey"

Emilio: "Tim, Tim, did anyone see you? (They embrace) its been over four months Tim homely, how's my (white johnson) hanging?"

Tim: "Heidi wants us to go to Walt Disney Park as the gayest couple, the first for Runway Project."

Emilio: "That German hoe can't keep her mouth shut, rumors are she's going to chose parakeet Jay over that bisexual hybrid dominatrix Meanla."

Tim: "Emilio, let me give you a little education, carry this as your brand and the entire World would be laughing at you, common sense tells me, its over... "

Tim: "Lets clear it up Elmo to all the TV land fools out here that our animosity against each other is none of anyone business but Heidi's. You fell in love with me after I allowed our two extended hours on the burlap challenge to beat Ping's classic look with a hands on all over your bod, baby critique to what those three drunks are looking for like me inspecting your Harlem booty.“

Emilio: "I don't care what they think Tim homey, everyone is extremely jealous, I have first hand experience, yet exposing those vocal aired love squabbles helped us both, I was so hot then that I urinated on myself, but I did not see any mess over my fabric, I wonder who licked it up?"

Fascist Elmo, where is your secret lover ?

Tim: "Do what you ever want with me Elmo, I really don't see you facing all those people when your models get a fright over your collection, bets now it's all over with our relationship, and you darling and all your fascism will be in the recycle bin exported as land fill..."

After Project Runway 7

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