Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Feinin at the Whitney Biennial

Purchased from the Whitney two hour Easter Bunny Sale…

A version parodying Andy Warhol inspection the art work

After Jessica Jackson Hutchins "Couch for a long time "

The Whitney explains: " Jessica Jackson Hutchins explores the relationships between people and objects and how they both form and inform each other. To create this work, Hutchins glued newspaper articles about Barack Obama on the surface of a sofa repurposed from her childhood living room. Ceramic pieces, grouped haphazardly on the couch, can be viewed as surrogates for the people who once sat on its cushions. Couch For a Long Time fuses public and private moments, creating a sense that monumental world events can pervade everyday life. "

After Richard Aldrich untitiled, wood on a pedestal

Together with an assemblage, the Whitney writes, Aldrich uses three scrap pieces of wood, which form a vaguely figurative sculpture, the installation embodies abstract autobiographical references in a meticulous, selective approach that characterizes much of his work

What I'm looking at is content, yes, but what do the folds suggest? After Tauba Auerbach.....

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