Sunday, July 12, 2009

God says Magnificat - The Last Supper

The Last Supper rendition

Next to nothing, the power of imagination can rinse the superstition of Greatness. This work says it. Its novel un pretentious and composed with intense accuracy, nobody as to ring true. Forgive the gloat, its truly marvelous.

Addendum: Judas, "Sorry, I'is late fellas, I had business to attend to, ah hope yeh leave back some wine for meh"


Anonymous said...

I see there's just not enough of you to go around. Someone is missing. We need a baker's dozen to make it accurate. Lagniappe!!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh did I forget to tell you judas couldn't make it. I have to give him a call before the Last Supper is over. Christ will certainly miss him. He is an important factor in his legacy. Although, the prophet had only four followers - Feinin Hermes

Ps: Yuh have judas cell number?

Anonymous said...

On speed dial, chile... like all the rest who continue to sell our souls every day to crucify our divinity. He not too happy with the traitor label though. He continues to insist, like you acknowledged, that he was just playing his part in a greater plan.


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