Sunday, July 12, 2009

Jacqueline's black eye

Feinin-Hermes - Jacqueline's coiffure. She tells her hair dresser, "I make no apologies over the mistakes in my life"

Charlize, child, he was in a rage, ah forget to add a Maggi block, (yuh have any?) in de cook yesterday and went Mister reach home from work from de next room, he raise he hand towards meh and hit meh hard. Is dark shades ah have to wear. Is dis Cuba ting have he so, or is Marilyn wit she stinking ways. Ah better add two Maggi bouillon oui to meh pot to keep meh President. Meh pot ain't sweet without it and Marilyn ain't known meh Julius Maggi secret.

A national portrait of Jacqueline Kennedy - Feinin-Hermes

I took what I could get. Its chicken feed to others, but roast beef to me. Sorry for the time. We are so over it. A child left alone, a legacy in arms way of ruin. Sadly, I sleep...

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