Friday, March 19, 2010

Project Runway - If Mila and Ping reunited

April Issue

Ping after Mila look

Project Runway with Feinin, " I'm me, I use to think I was you, but, now I'm me, that's why I straighten my hair to look like you." Heidi, Heidi Heidi Hoe, yuh better eh say Auf Wiedersehen to meh in yuh tweeter voice wit false teet grin, I far have morals, meh eh auf meh brassiere like you in de sea.

Ping: " Its all my idea Mila, I think its just gorgeous as the fabric drapes over the model's body like a burlap rice bag in a classical way. I love the hat, its funky, hee hee,"

Milia: " Ping, Ping, Ping, Pong! Is that a door bell. Hello, is anyone there who can sew like me, and look at my signature scarfs and jacket, its unique, just like Seth's black leather pants suits. Feinin has such strong features, Brandise should be a little concerned, I am so not so loyal in picking her again. "

Tim: "Girls, girls tell me what happening here, who's the catty one?"

Ping: " You see Tim, this time the fabric loops around the waist , and covers up the buttocks, testis and phallus."

Feinin: ""Tim, she kept giggling when she checked which way it hung, I told her to stop after four or five hand fitting. She just does not listen, I think she should be deported, anyway I decided to borrow Brandise's under garment to cover myself up."

Milia:" Tim, I am using my brilliant signature chest board pattern, no one here has the ability to see what I am really doing, that is muted colour blocking. I can see no one too can design or sew as good as me. Hey Tim, don't touch my Brother sewing machine."

Tim: "Girls, girls I really don't like it at all, really, it tiresome Ping...good work team leader Mila."

The judging:

Nina: “There is something unique here, I love the sack look, I like that feinin can reach into Brandise’s signature look and pocket, but I question the bee mask, I was expecting a smoke can. This is backward thinking fashion."

Michael: "For God sake, that's about one hundred years ago. this art deco, the romanticism wig look is history, and remember Feinin is allergic to hairnetting, is that head piece toxic foam, Ping is stepping out of her 1920's to a mode, sleek modem look, Feinin pulled it off beautifully, I think its rice paddy couture."

Heidi: " I like how Feinin carried this look, I also love the two piece farmer brown bodice and skirt. I could see myself in it on the cover of marie claire once I cut away Mila's unconventional black and white pattern flaps, must we all bear this again?"

Guest Madonna: " Who did the sewing here, it looks like Ping took control, it is darned so well, I love to see it as a label."

Of course this is a parody from the television show Project Runway, So I decided to make a dress using cloth and crocus bag secured with safety pins and masking tape.


Anonymous said...

rice bag

michael mosa said...

rice paddy couture, you mean! Jokey too bad!

Anonymous said...

Love the cover. (ROLF)


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