Friday, March 12, 2010

Indians of America

I had major issues over this work as if my representation avoided the greater meaning of the beginning of life, if so, I am strangely fascinated by man's void in an universe so vast, untouched by man's creation, no world such as this may exist....

Indians of the Amazon

In composing the traditional carnival character of the fancy Indian, I thought of the Indian native to the Americas and attempted at first to make a garment, then I made a moccasin shoe using a square piece of cloth. Overall, I felt as if I was mocking a culture. But as I thought of the Indian, I thought too of the continent and the migration of its peoples from the tip of south America across to Russia.

Look ah cascadura*

Then I thought, if this planet was a rock which separated to form land masses, the formation of the sea may have occurred when an ice comet collided and disintegrated the side of the planet where the Pacific ocean exists and struck where it is the deepest. In the catastrophic explosion, the moon may have been a fragment caught in the gravitational pull, and the craters left behind filled with the remains of the comet, ie, water. The water then became contaminated by the fusion * of molten rock which made it salted. As the water boiled, the water evaporated and condensed over the plates, and the sun's energy produced living plasma through the process of photosynthesis.

Mocking Bird

In the American Indian culture, ceremonies involve creating the movement of an eagle

* The cascadura is a fresh water catfish native to Trinidad
** Sulfur and sodium

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