Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Maharajah Duleep Singh

Black Prince of Perthshire

This this study of the Punjab prince, I felt as if as I child, the jewels and pearls that adorned my head and neck seemed perfect, I judged it by its weight. The turban other the other hand was an art it itself. The process of wrapping the head is complex yet beautiful and extremely sensual to watch. I am also wearing the Kohinoor diamond. This stone is part of the British Crown today. The British in history are known as thieves.

Wear this father, show them the truth, enter a dream fur filled with empty joy, return thee, beneath the earth, as found

Giventh he oh Holy One, through dreams we weep.For gone to known Jahan the Queen deserve stone, mourn cross this land to shores cape. Beauty. Love, honour magic, superstitions, alone casts.

I too see thee, a light cold within all saith. Weep blue crystal, my child confessed, rude, far-reach the diamond in hand so white, tippy toe around lamps, fortune, jealousy, rude, fly away from my hand, alone I see terrible as I sit, father, oh why thy name rules an infant wandering joy, casts the stone back as far as it glows, ....omen....blight crushed my knees, they takenth (Opel)* , father's curse set upon thee...

The the second part of this work, I was carried to a place which I remembered, to a time where I could see. Pain, regret, hardship, the stone amassed a time capsule, the bearer will never survive eternal bliss.

Maharaja Ranjit Singh - If it lies beneath your bed, charm will take your soul, for those women close to it perish sons abyss doom. Raj waters petrified the stone, beneath me terror awakes, armies forge, time will tell, its demise

Kohinoor's charm

The first verse of the text was lost, this is what I remember.

I was bound by rope, raped and sodomized,.....stone......Holy One,....Setting sun,......

* Meaning its shape and brilliance


anton said...

interesting invocation, but i must ask is the text you refer to original if not who is the reference?

Anonymous said...

The images are amazing, they look like a modern man has stepped into the past.


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