Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Feinin - Cindy Sherman in her later career

Cindy Sherman - Americana

I believe that if you are exceptional, and you have done something that has never been attempted that makes you famous.....Then its all becomes about you. Whether Mr. Hirst is termed as "daemon of genius or destruction? He has denigrated living things for the sake of vanity, and has mocked in his words..."God" . Never you mind...his life continues on a path of destruction, "The Golden Calf" will de-plode in its formaldehyde...

A study of illusion and reality, parody, humour and humanity

In my earlier self-portrait of Damien Hirst; I found myself surrounded by a triumph of good apposed to what I thought was profane. In the feinin, I felt like a circus clown, laughing at my own mortality, yet chocking with grief at the gall of being a piece of jewelry. It was as if I was facing God in the mirror, testing his will and his tolerance for stupidity. Charlatan, mindbogglingly, entertainer, coax, afraid, hat trick, sadness....

What's up? I am above you all, laughing, giggling at it all, my supreme fame and abundance, Cheero. Smile, sublime, fatherhood, counter-plane, bomb exploding off my chest, testing God's creatures, playing a little game with him, his brilliant, cutting edge son. - Feinin

His works may degrade...My writing will never die.

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Anonymous said...

"His works may degrade...My writing will never die."

It's interesting that you mention degradation. When thinking about what you do, Andy Goldsworthy comes to mind especially when you incorporate natural materials into your pieces, branches, cornbird nests, your body, leaves, etc. Also apart from the writing and the pieces being captured digitally, there is often a sense of impermanence to many of them. To court impermanence is a courageous impulse in this manhandled world where the greatest delusion is that we are entitled to immortality. Did the spin art pieces burn well? Now let me go discover Cindy Sherman.


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