Thursday, November 19, 2009

Lawd dem school days - Claes Oldenburg

Oldenburg Soft Drainpipe - Blue Feinin Version 2009

To give this installation weight, I filled the canopy with red sand, then tied it together...I think it is a better version of Claes Oldenburg's sculpture, but I felt it had to do with sex, and Oldenburg' desire for fucking.

This work is so beautiful that I have refused to take it down.

An appropriate question over art that is environmental, such as the Spiral Jetty by Oldenburg and Goldsworthy's biodegradable kinetic works using forms taken from nature, then expanding on it. Unfortunately, to be out there it seem,s your work has to be grand, the bigger the better syndrome with sponsors like Sony, IBM and so forth to build the device. The great thing I have learnt so far is not to place any value on anything. This frees me from it all. A few months ago, I photographed what I deemed public art, is this just as good?

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