Thursday, November 19, 2009

Proust on his deathbed by Man Ray - Feinin

Proust on his deathbed by Man Ray - Feinin

In a question over the permanence of these studies, I thought if, where I rests, that God was at my side.

Feinin's second attempt of Damien Hirst's Spin painings - You feel you are king, well yes you are....forget Mother of God. The work shown was also destroyed.

"Did the spin art pieces burn well?" I wondered why there were so many distractions over this work. At first I thought it was a jinx...but there had to be more to it. The paintings in my mind looked perfect. I saw it in the process how the paint ran and where a string of paint had to be positioned to flow as with his paintings, at that moment, my mind clicked.

On both occasions, the paper tore away ripping them. I had a huge issue with the wind which came from all directions trying to flip it before it dried. And of cause they would not burn without the help of a fire accelerant....

My work will be secure if only I think of them.....Ah better start wit meh next piece, Mister Man Ray


Anonymous said...

This is a beautiful photo though you are too alive to seem dead. I can actually see the thoughts running across your mind. The peace that it exudes is the peace of the newborn after surviving the first of the many great battles of life. The flowers seem more of a offering of welcome than the wreath of remembrance. Proust, in that original photo by Man Ray is also peaceful but it is the peace of the discarded shell. The spirits of the dead, on the other hand, do not "rest in peace" since it is my belief that they go on immediately to other lives or phases of their lives.

When reading about Cindy Sherman, her works were described as "conceptual portraits." Would you say that this describes what you do?

Thierry Selles said...

Of course, it isn't Marcel Proust at all on these pictures ! ! ! ! ! !

Thierry Selles said...

Of course, it isn't Marcel Proust at all on these pictures ! ! ! ! ! !


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