Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Oh God man - Damien Hirst

Feinin - Spin paintings - Damien Hirst

Yuh tink it soft, Let meh cuss, I jinx all day wit this, is he and he love of money cause meh plenty pain. But I get him..It looking real eh. Ah make two.

I encountered many distractions over Damien Hirst’s Feinin. Many strange things happened while I was producing it. At the last stage as I was taking down the tent before the spin paintings were to be photographed, one of the spot lamps shattered.

I wonder what energy is behind these similar studies, It disrupted my concentration.. If only I knew the danger, God never intended man to be so vain. Both works have been destroyed.

You never know what other uses a spin painting could bring before I go shopping.

I drove to the grocer and asked the bag boy if I could take a picture of him pointing at the tyre....he said, "dat is small change'" and gave me back a dollar from the three I gave him


Anonymous said...

This post prompted me to find out about Damien Hirst and spin painting. You mentioned love of money and I read in the Wikipedia entry that he is "reputed to be the richest living artist to date." Isn't it sometimes just luck when an artist becomes really rich before his/her death?...like if he/she has the right connections, or happens to be producing something that is in demand on the market. I've seen some magnificent pieces done by largely self-taught wood sculptors and metal-workers in the Caribbean (thinking of Cuba and Haiti here) and their names never gain any prominence so I am assuming that they are not becoming rich and famous from their art. I am biased towards shy gems, like the wildflowers, that seldom get much publicity beyond the the little pockets in which they flourish. Even if I had the money to do so, I would not purchase a work of art simply because it has a famous name attached to it. I saw once this wooden lion that a man had carved for his wife. It was not for sale but I loved it so much that I think about it even to this day. What did I like it so much?...Because I thought I could feel the part of himself that the man had put into carving the gift for his wife. I would have bought it just for that. Now what's this with you and the devil? Is he the daemon of genius or destruction? How can you tell the difference?

anton said...

hey man i am an avid fan of ur work for years....i really like that things are local and recognisable...i just wonderin or rather i am invitin u to do something for the queen at the new centre. u see i have had the pleasure to work there and i feel ur presence. every tom dick harry and they chilren comin inside easy easy...one man even had his time on stage with a prop ....thr general public have been empowered and so i ask u to imortalizt this moment!!! there is no security there come in the evening before the queen arives on thursday


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