Monday, November 16, 2009

MissTracey Emin canopy mattress 2009

Feinin- Tracey Emin' Tent

One of the most difficult compositions staged of British Artist, Tracey Emin reclining on a mattress with a canopy and with a Guinness bottle inserted into her vagina. I simply used a red ring over the bottle to look like the hood and outer lip from the vagina, and a sock the hide the penis and scrotum‎ from being noticed.

To answer your question, Miss Emin appears to be lost for ideas and she finds herself caught with the ideas of the past. The Guinness prop was used to represent the fact that drinking is one of her habits, represented with her installation, "Me Bed installation". The feinin plays on that premise, and other attributes to her neurotic behaviour. The paint brush is a quote from her sayings that she rather not paint...

All I can say is that from which references it is taken from. We all base our perceptions on what we see, and what we think in terms of the knowledge of the thing. Somethimes we are wrong, but most likely in the gut, we are right.


Anonymous said...

So now I know who Emin is, thanks again to you. I couldn't find any mention of the Guinness bottle in any of her works so I'm guessing that the stout is your insertion (no pun intended). I'm looking at it and these are my thoughts. What is the significance of the Guinness bottle? Is it the association of stout with abortion? Is it being inserted or is it coming out? Is the paintbrush like the bullet in the gun? Is it saying that something has to be destroyed for something to be created? Makes me think.

Anonymous said...

Thanks! How does an artist respond when the beholder's mind finds other meanings than those intended by the creator?


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