Saturday, December 05, 2009

Julian Schnabel with Basquiat and Bono

Bad boys of Art, Film and Music

Julian Schnabel' Saint Sebastian 1979 with parodies of Basquiat's imagery. Bono to your left, Schnabel to your right. Do you realize that Bono' foot is up against the painting?

abel, why don't you cut apart 100 dollars bills and stick them on your canvas, you can sell them twice the market price." - Bono

If you have to compare Julian Schnabel's art with Jean-Michel Basquiat, you be foolish to believe if Schnabel has any merit. Jean-Michel Basquiat before his death had established himself as one of Andy Warhol disciples. This may not had happen if Warhol did not see something. I saw it too, pure energy flowing without the process of thought. Jean-Michel Basquiat's paintings are still alive.

In 1996 Schnabel wrote and directed the film called Basquiat, based on Jean-Michel Basquiat on his trouble life. His paintings are known for his inventive canvas which portraits are painted on the surface made up of broken ceramic plates.

In the feinin, I never know how things would turn out, I struggled for a long time, but I regret not knowing money. Love money, buy art, live against all odds. I could not think it was happening to me.Remember only museums which hold my paintings, take a look, they are fascinating

Yes they are....

Sebastian by feinin overlaid by Julian Schnabel and Jean-Michel Basquiat, a story based on fiction exaggerated through centuries of Catholicism. A boy killed, yes for repenting sliced with a sword in half

Wonder no more, these are just a parodies, for I will never weep in the present of you - Feinin

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Anonymous said...

Modern St.Sebastian is pretty cool. As for Bono and company, hilarious as hell!


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