Friday, December 04, 2009

The man who fucked up Art - Marcel Duchamp

If a work of Art can be a replica, then the replica should be valued as just that. Replicas are used to fool you, like costume jewelry.

Feinin' Objet TrouvĂ© after Marcel Duchamp' bicycle wheel, urinal, chess and mile of string installation. There will be no replica of this work. The Feinin Collection. © 2009

Matthew Gale of Oxford University Press, says that "Duchamp envisaged the ready-made as the product of an aesthetically provocative act, one that denied the importance of taste and which questioned the meaning of art itself, Duchamp is quoted to say that the artist’s choice of a ready-made should be governed not by the beauty of the object but by his indifference towards it."

There is no trick here, these are just prefabricated objects re-assembled in a room. A ladder, a empty toilet tank, a hammer, a bicycle wheel, two chairs, a chess game and silk yarn. You may call it as you see it. But Is it art? Does the containment in the space set it apart as if it was separate?

I call it stupid bravely, Marcel Duchamp knew it too as stupid. He want to defuse the leisurely landscapes, his objet trouvé, took the cake. People perhaps were stunned by what it was, a urinal as pottery. He probably cried with laughter....pottery in the shape of a piss sink.


So I decided to use his art against him. Was he a bet, but not after his bicycle wheel. Then I wondered, what happened with his career. Did he get stuck, did the pressure of creating ready-mades destroy him?

In comparison, when you look at his ready-mades, the object resembles that of the object itself or the objects combined, a wheel, then a stool. But if you look at Pablo Picasso's ready-made sculpture he used the same bicycle parts, he then looked at each element fitting parts together. Then, the work materialized, the handlebar against the rider's seat, transforming the bicycle parts into something identifiable, a bull..Did Picasso steal his thunder? Over and over till Duchamp fell.
Art, teach them not to steal but to create

In the feinin, "Geniuses never look back on the things they produce, I wonder if I would ever say nice words over a work that appears to be part of me. Its tragic now when I think so. But I trying to solve my own. lesson in art making can erode the small atom that burst into creativity. Love it with all your heart, sacrifice everything behind its mask and begin to see the many facets in its collective morals. Genius is in us both.
Bravery, answers to everlasting greatness, butterflies' nest, clang cland choo choo train"

My aunt's response,
The urinal...."Dem still does keep old pee pee bowl in stock?"

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michaelmusa said...

Duchamp became the reaction in the end. I think people considered him irrelivent. Good article, quite thought provoking.


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