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Proyecto Capital - Alice Yard Trinidad

The Proyecto Capital installation opens to the public at Alice Yard …… Audience members can participate by taking the found coins away. All are invited – Alice Yard


An artist caught collecting a cent from a drain, Trinidad, West Indies in a project called, “Proyecto Capital” is a collaboration of three artists, Alejandro Mina, Mar Molano and Michelle Isava

Source: Proyecto Capital

Este proyecto parte de la observaciòn. En los recorridos hechos caminando por la ciudad de Puerto España es posible encontrar una gran cantidad de monedas en el suelo, aparentemente insignificantes para la mirada local, pero para la mirada forànea resulta llamativo en comparacion con la ciudad de Bogota y otras ciudades. La idea es recolectar las monedas de la calle y registrar el proceso para luego hacer una instalaciòn que pretende despertar reflexiones frente a este gesto de arrojar y recoger para luego reinsertarlas en la sociedad cambiando el valor capital por el valor simbòlico.

Michelle Isava writes:

“We have collected 500 5-cent coins, 987 25-cent coins, 498 10-cent coins, 7 50-cent coins (although they are no longer in use)…. This installation seeks to give value to what is not valued here in Trinidad. To foreign eyes, coins on the streets are an absurd enigma that represents the extravagance and wealth of Trinidad and Tobago.”

Soon after their The Proyecto Capital slide presentation at Alice Yard on Friday 6th November 2009, Alice Yard announced that guests were free to participate by taking away the found money all gathered in pile located in the centre of the gallery floor. A man then walked to the installation, stooped down and preceded to collect the coins with a hand brush and dust scoop all the money in his bag. The Colombian artists began to panicked as they saw all their efforts being taken away. Only a Cent was left behind as a reminder to never give away your money so freely for the work you have done to earn it. He then offered the money to the audience by allowing them to take a hand full from his bag. Some did, others did declined and ten he left Alice Yard with total sum of money estimated to be $300.00.


Miss Cassava, yeh eh see meh coming?

Me ain’t know why dem artise does do per-formance in middle of de road counting coins dem does find in nasty canal, deep pothole and drain. I does hope dem does wash dem finger and toe nail after. I big art installation and me scan d money already. Dem talk, dem show pict-ture, den dem clap. Talk over is show now to see. I see dis Cassava bleed inside she, when dem say TAKE DE MONEY IS FREE, is blight who say it and I obey he and full meh bag quick wit dust pan and brush. No pict-ture please.

Den all fight break out wit
Alice Yard man who steups. Dem all looking like ass when realize is early. I say I offer dem de money and some take hand full and is right because de rest LEGALLY is mine. I take meh time, watch de woman bicycle at Brooklyn bar den is straight to Cassava Cassava and I ask she to put meh bag content in ah black plastic and plop it dead centre on she child bed like is show in de Alice Yard box. When Cassava reach she home, she bawl out, ” Oh Mami,” but is when she see de note and all de coins, is steups and laugh at de same time. If she open she el Espanol mout, is prison I sending she. Is lessen I teach dem whatless fools to give way prize so quick.

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