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Carmen Cocoa Payol Miranda and Miss Daisy


Carmen Cocoa Payol Miranda posing in front of de foreign, Queen Park Savannah Miranda,

Is big movie production in front meh coconut stall and me staring in foreign TV document exposing oui sweet T&T cul-ture. I current live wit meh husband just up Mayaro beach side. Today yuh meet me in special Cocoa Payol dress, is Arima cuatronets parang group I going next. Meh Daisy and me-self have we dance routine, and competing in Scouting for Talent show, if she feel she winning, is I know Holly B like meh sweet Cocoa Payol water wit meh tick soft jelly. I carve he ah pattern spoon / pendent fa around he neck wit meh cutlass tip, showing me-self hanging on de cross for de sins Miss Daisy already done in she life.wit meh cutlass tip, showing me-self hanging on de cross for de sins Miss Daisy already done in she life.

Director, I is born on de twenty fort of De-cem-ber oooo, and when me open meh eye, I see Daisy entire La Divina Pastora Serenaders wit man holding shac-shac, box base and cuatro playing like big gutar. Me eh know which who is meh faddars, but is Cocoa Payol plenty in meh blood. De bass player ah see have teet missing nipping wit Bushrum flask. Next ting doctor slap meh wap wit two Maracas on meh bamsee and I open meh mout and rendition Serenal e Aguinaldo in two verse, "Parang,Parang,Parang,Parang in Trini-ne-dad, Parang,Parang,Parang,Parang in Trini-ne-dad". Is only now after all dese years is bass player wit no teet now nipping Babash wit straw in meh coconut shell, announce he is the one who win de raffle prize.

I does tell Miss Daisy to follow meh steps and when she does her meh Cocoa Payol voice, is jealousing and vaps jorting meh Punch -a- Cream bottle, taking big serious slice of meh centuries rum soak cake, wit de preserve well cure. After she now convert she religion, is still big chunk of pig she take and boldface raff all de chow chow. Ten hops missing already from de pack. I know she does tief meh lyric, dance move and Pastelle recipe den is private function I does met she in selling Pastelle wrap wit rubberband and fold wit old Nestle Stay Fresh box foil. Once bottle pelt at she singing, I not telling…

Is first class Cocoa Le Catalonia I does teach to meh De Carmen Cocoa Payol Miranda Singers, de upcomming youts does get anxious to surround meh while I centre wit meh two christening Maracas and block Miss Daisy from in front. Daisy ain't easy,she once jook meh skirt wit ah pole and raise meh dress high when dem could see trouble, dem bawl dem ready to play meh and serenade between de lips, is Miss Daisy flag have meh wicked. I teach meh children never visit is rude fas ting happing. Look she reach to jook meh, is twice ready.

Wit all dat fliming meh business yuh better pay meh and buy meh nuts cause I holding de Pat Tang right under yuh chin.

Meh husband reach, I hope I ain’t leave de place in ah mess, look he send down he nuts

Glossary of terms
Arima - A borough of Trinidad known for Parang
Carmen Miranda - Carmen Miranda 1909 -1955 a Brazilian actress popular in the 1940s
Daisy Voisin - 1924 -1991 Queen of Parang in Trinidad and Tobago
Cocoa Payol - Migrant labourers who came from Venezuela to Trinidad in the late 19th century.
Scouting for Talent - A television talent show hosted by Parang MC King, Holly Betaudier
Parang - Spanish rooted music played during the Christmas
Maracas - A popular bathing beach in Trinidad and a musical instrument otherwise known as the shac-shac
Hops - A bread bun
Bush Rum / Babash - Over proof white rum
Pat Tang - The sound the machete makes
Pastelle - A cornmeal pie fill with meat popular at Christmas wrapped with banana leaves and steam cooked

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