Saturday, August 01, 2009

Schiller wipe your tears of joy, the King awakes

Patients, take deep breaths over history and that of the times to come

Gulliver knelt over the scroll, he looked closely, the lines, faint as to the eye, they still contained in words," Father, who are you? where do you rest? Who do you sleep with when you are alone and ashamed of living in a time too free in nonsense? Father tell me, why are you changing Friedrich's gift? Why at this moment?

Gulliver rose once again, this time, his arms clenched his chest. He released that is within us, Richard gave his word, he said it aloud, many will remember this as a triumph, a teaching to remind us that life is really too precious to forget its purpose.

God stood his arms extended, his feet apart, he started to clap, but not touching the palm of his hand. It released something, a core of vibrations, the more he repeated it, the stronger it got. God spoke softly, he laughed in French, I OBEY THY MOTHER FOR SHE BIRTH ME...

The albino
Dolphin slept on her side, she gave a bit more in duty to the prince she dreamed over. His father, it was legend came to earth on a spiral disc. She thought of giving her entire soul, but forgot that money can't be anything when thieves steal from their own

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