Friday, July 31, 2009

Where I seeth, you shall follow

Patience, ladder of truth set in gold - The reading of the will

Gulliver unlatched his net, the contents piled in front of him. The sparkle blinded his vision. He stepped back and took the oar and fanned his possessions to retrieve the magic scroll. He knelt down and untied the blue ribbon. It smelled of seaweed. Gulliver's heart raced, he knew that the words he was about to read dealt with his failure as a man, fatherless and incapable of thinking and dreaming.

The Dolphin dipped quietly above, she made concentric circles with her beak, passing the water smoothly, then went on her back. What she heard brought tears to her. She remembers. From below, I saw the vessel, it looked weighted, the giant man rose to his feet and arched his back, he then knelt and slammed his fist to the bottom of the vessel, three times

What the Dolphin failed to discover was that the magic scroll contained no writing, it was just a piece of water slogged paper

Gulliver's sperm raced to find a hiding place from its predictors, it knew that time was limited to survive in an environment so different than before. In the mind of the sperm, it calculated what it should do, either swim until it found a place safe or just wait until time ran out.

The magic scroll

(Never fear the unknown, Schiller is never alone, he just tired, ashamed of seeing himself without worth. Before he worries, before he seeks his own, divine may change, two feet, two hands, one soul. Obey, forget love,its not real, its just a dream too old.....)

The centre of my world, light and shadow

Wonder for a while, he thought about the question, if the reasoning was enough to give a proper answer, it was known that an insect produced dwellings stronger than man. He wondered what about the bee's hive, the cones, the hexagon shape which housed the Drones, Feinin was wise not to pressure him any further. He is historically a genius.* What mattered was the key which the great inventor unlocked. Inside, if you are willing to believe, Imhotep captured every specimen of ant. He watched them form a mount, he saw them burrow tunnels. The idea which was not a surprise looked right in the center of a cube, a triangle build over it to protected from the wind storms. So brother, do you think he's a genius? *

* Imhotep stresses of what he believed of himself


Anonymous said...

Bookmann, When did you first encounter Schiller and what impressed you the most?

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Thank you, Bookmann. Your response answered some and then prompted a fresh batch of questions. I did not know anything about Schiller until you began to mention him in your posts. I then looked for information about him on the Internet and although I have not yet read any of his works, I was very impressed after reading a short bio and some quotations. I found this one about artists interesting:
"No doubt the artist is the child of his time; but woe to him if he is also its disciple, or even its favorite." --Friedrich Schiller
Thanks again for taking the time to share.


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