Thursday, July 30, 2009

A apple so ripe - a light so bright

I know now you are different

Gulliver knew that his sense of direction was left up to the wind, the albino Dolphin corrected this as she carried the anchor beneath the deep waters, and to the graves of time. The net which he cast earlier,
Gulliver managed by himself to reel it in. Among the catch were mounts of jewels, the magic scroll and a small nautical shell. Inside the shell, an old shepherd held a lamp over his head, his bleary vision casts a ghostly figure, a powerful present looking over, it was me

The actors:
Together with Schiller, Feinin was a man in joy. He disguised as the lives from many times, and the report gave meaning, if only he would released the only lover that cared, his own muse.

I like to know who this muse is? Robert to many is a wary soul, he travels though the centuries drifting through lives. Schiller is his servant, he obeys his commands, and God is above all, is God, no need to explain.

Many times I tell you never expect me, as if I am you, I've tried in the past to get away from you because I feel its terrible not been able to sing. You hurt me today, I could not understand why. He give no reason. I tried to tell him, but fate demanded time further from its truth, the lies spoke from a mouth of greed

Keep still Schiller, adjust your thoughts, I treasure that you still obey this host, he a friend of the mightiest geniuses of all time,
Imhotep. This gift you choose, let him laugh too soon, never treason, in picture, diagrams, leaves of gold, pressed on the forehead. I am a priest, my followers are men who served in strength, barrel, rope, sticks. You smile, I'm no fool, its God that loves him so.... Shall I continue my servant?

Next, if you surrender, bring only tea to celebrate the miracle in me. A ladder, pig hoof, gravel and trees. Beauty, serenity, fatherhood, obedience, branches, lions, owls, snakes, ointments, cakes of dates, feathers, offerings.... Love
Imhotep * because he is one, the only of three to father a land

A boy watches his father speak, he thinks highly of him, in language and in expression.
A goat is killed. In sacrifice, the head is chopped. The strength in the animal is its whiskers, the teeth is its dreams, the eyes is the devil, the heart is its nature, and the loins
is its prized as it protects he who swallows its skin

Schiller stood tall, he looked directly at
Imhotep and begins to think, Why this? Why this loyally? I am ashamed, for you godlike Pharaoh is the lamp he sees

Smile, rejoice, compel the muse to sing

Addendum: * During this study, Imhotep acted in a childlike manner stressing his genius over and over, as if he was never fully honoured. He also guarded what he accomplished and was willing to believe the power (Schiller) was indeed a gift from the gods (Pharaohs). The childlike disposition had a similar presence in two other individuals, the greatest genius to that of Amadeus Mozart and a nudge to physicist, Albert Einstein

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