Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Alone I stand, alone I fall in the hands of him

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Centre, look beyond Schiller's eyes, see beyond life, I calm thee with my sword

God fought over a gem that was carved from fate, it was encrusted with razor sharp thorns crystallized in ice. These where viruses that entered the mind. The confusion it carried was indeed love, a matter, a substance that spoke French, Italian and part Spanish. It latched on to the center frontal lobe, as it felt that love to be nourished, it had to fuse with the living creature, man.

As the boat carried Gulliver, his interest in sex abated, he knelt over the rafters and bowed in agony. A lion is sheep's skin was false, the animal indeed was a fat cow, milking her udder and spraying the substance over her leg. The time felt as if God shunned to escape the event. Love never felt so good...

Bless her mother, teach never to cheat

In the act, the young lover swept him in his arms, he straggled his neck and brought his lips to his, this was of cause a mirror, which he was slapped in the face. Obey me, talk to the Son of God, let him believe his long lasting word, Many of you forget, many of them see, it is in the land of the horizon, that Joseph speaks, Amen.

Gulliver felt relieved, he gained a little strength to set his net. The Dolphin that had centered the vessel appeared once again, she flipped twice and circled the boat. I'm not sure what it meant. Three circles, two small, one big. The Dolphin spoke clearly, she drank and spit the words, To him that go forth, let no man....then barked loudly, free him at his ankle. Gulliver's eyes opened with an intense curiosity, his brain registered what he saw. A cow peeing in a field, a goat mounting a man, and a tree whose branches suffocated itself.

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