Sunday, July 26, 2009

Love embrace my servants, Today knows him best

You tell me that I kiss you brother

Begin, obey my word of the divine spirit as he speaks through me in warning. Obey him soldiers, forgive your hate over a land, vast. Before I kneel, join him in peace. Love is truth beyond misery. Death is a weapon to teach us well. Alone, challenged by my ghost, I search for answers.

Father - Jew, priesthood
Mother - Peasant, old, lazy
Awaking- At 12, a divine light to my forehead
Teaching - Love, obey commands, roam to teach them better of themselves. (Synagogue) despise
Teaching - Wrote in the sand, words in Hebrew
Followers - 1 plus 3 = 4
Profession - (Shoe) mender
Death - Stoned, hung and displayed in city

Look past his teaching, seek only truth Feinin

Specific characteristics
Skin - brown
Face - broad
Eyes - hazel
Nose - wide
Lips - large
Teeth - white
Chin - long, broad
Specifics - Goatee, strands of hair
Hair - shoulder length
Height - medium stock 5' 5''
Attire - cloth, skin of lamb, branch of rosemary, tableau of clay, paste of stool.
Adornments - Earring right ear only - Stone blue opal, Egypt

Drunk, Gulliver fell flat on the seat of his pants, he looked down at the sand and saw something. A house, a tractor, a tree and a swing. A small girl was sitting on the swing, she looked familiar, like his sister, yet her face was turned away. A man stood at the door, blocked by me, Feinin. It was her father trying to speak over to her. I remember what he said, My............I know you are happy because I see you in my heart. Its time to say farewell, you are independent at last, I am so happy because I never said to you that I loved you truly.

Gulliver went for the tractor and noticed the magic scroll left inside, He tried to retrieve it, but his fingers was too large. A white owl flew in and picked it up with its beak, I'm changing the spell, it hawked, the magic scroll belongs to men whose tongue bleeds of joy, I despise those less in word...

Go away fat asshole, you're just a ghost wasting time on a genius living now, today and forever

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