Saturday, July 25, 2009

My word its living proof God is Death

Feinin walks alone

The sea that bridged the ghost and its shadow began to mirage, as if Jesus was walking across it using his stick to beat off the devil beneath him. He trembled, casting the rod into the sea. It felt good that the Messiah looked scared, shaken over his doubt.

God he commanded, Stop trying to suffocate my life, I am only a follower of you whose wisdom aches. My child, listen to me, the next life you seek will be indeed be joyful. Schiller interrupts, My lord in Heaven, my treasured Saviour, does my life still hurts others? God lashed out, Man, listen, give praised, I have spoken, let us not dwell on hope, he need not judge life as a world painted by whispering greed. Love what miracle, smile, We care nothing over sex, In doubt, ceased time, walk alone, share its warmth, your future is near. Live, laugh, cheat no one. If sex kills, you are not him.

Gulliver, this time reseeded to his wicked ways, he began to drink sherry, wine of duck and juices flavored with gin. He began to look for work in places he dreamed so far away. Stop saying words of despair, read it over Schiller, bring water to quench my thirst. A lion, a sheep, a warrior of time, lost in both worlds.

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