Friday, July 24, 2009

Time and time again you don't remember me

Feinin holds the magic scroll - inscription for everlasting peace

I sending you a message Schiller, I'm cussing of course because you failed. Like any, I got to see the truth in what you talk. Today like any other I was blessed with remorse over the truth set in lies above me. I'm siting between the gift of giving , but you, brother can't stand it because hate is chasing you away I see.

This devil that sleeps close to me is choosing you as to part me. Schiller wrote in his poem, If jealousy reduces a man from his duty, if comradely can cause petty insults. I choose not.

At dust, Gulliver found himself weak, wrenched with worry. He stood up and sang a verse, Love him not, pink, blue dot, tossing his handkerchief over the yonder. Who was the man waving back at him? Was it a refection?

Help me father, I've changed him to believe you still care. He's talking to the other from yonder, bring the kiss of death so Schiller may join you back.

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