Sunday, July 26, 2009

What you say huh?

Never Neverland's gate - A father's gift

Gulliver stood over the grounds that the facts the owl said made him feel relentless. Thinking of only how to escape to a place called Never Neverland. The story behind this palace stemmed from a girl who lost her way and found an ingenious friend called Schiller. She sat alone, then prayed that a sign of love would greet her. Its never too late to do the things you dream, as she pondered when the gates to the palace began to close on her face.

The owl flew in quickly and dropped a golden pellet. it was to her a warning over the deed. Let them teach each other over money, greed, my little darling is worth not your soul.

I want some of that money, you can have it, because its all mine to fight and argue...

He's suppose to tell us, Daddy, why did it happen? Why did God do this now? The child fell to her kneels and wept.

Sit up, remember me as I follow in your footsteps, give up, play in the rain, jump in the pool, dance to my tune...
You Wanna Be Startin' Something

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