Monday, July 27, 2009

The wand of discovery

Before you depart, where is it? The Golden Egg

Feinin talked over his suffering that left him abandon, alone with no place where he felt safe. He rushed close to a place he remembered, and where Cornbird man once laid the Golden Egg. Feinin searched though the rubble, but could not locate it. Was it hidden or was it in plain sight?

The owl that spoke to Gulliver gently flew in and perched itself on a louver pane. He began to weep as he knew his past had made full circle to a future where dreams were born. Motionlessly, the owl waited until Feinin got the courage to say, no, I'm going to leave this land, and never return until my passing, ash to ash, dust to dust to the river where the Cascarudo spawn

The Golden egg remains a clue, for it resembles you, shaped like a pear spinning counterclockwise. Inside its protected shell, life begins and parts. It is here were dreams turn into reality. The egg represents your entire fortune, if you can locate it, I wonder where it rest.

God, is it true in what he says, can you pretend that life is not that of loneliness, childless and without love? You know me, you know what I like to become.

God's wand strikes at me, I feel it at the base of my toes, it tingles then it works its way in, devouring me whole in completeness. I return as Gulliver. He is crouching over the sand. In his hand, he has a flip book and as he fans the pages, a motion of a arrow appears pierces through a apple. The fruit splits in two then falls to earth. Momentarily it decays, submerging as a root and branching beneath as it retracing the histories of time.

Note: In Trinidad superstition, the
Callichthyidae (Armored catfish Cascarudo) beckons that if it is eaten, where ever you are, you will return. Your resting place will be that of your birth

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