Monday, July 27, 2009

All that matters is you my darling

Cornbird man laying the Golden Egg - Keep laying brother

At the moment of glory, Schiller sought his memory to find that love was about to enter his heart. This was in fact true because his gift of survival aided his reason. It meant that love to be accomplished, one must obey its wish.

Gulliver knew that what he saw through the pages meant time had began to spin backwards. He took his protractor and measured the distance. 30 degrees, 40 minutes Westward. Schiller had already began the task of creating his world. A dream which his hoped would save himself from the fire torch. He realized that his mind gave up, and his conscious led the way to determine his on going fate.

Gulliver had with him a large suitcase filled with treasures like candle holders, and age books. The rope tied around his ankle give him no pain as he stretched to lift himself up and upon a vessel berth at sea. As he dragged the suitcase, the owl suddenly flew by and scratched his face with its claws. Gulliver wrenched in agony mortified that the vulture knew that his vanity was indeed his beard. The drops seeping through the scars was really tears encasing a van, a house, a penis, and a telephone call to say that the Great king, the Messiah wanted to speak to you because you dared to tell the world what was truth beyond belief.

Artist understand that dreams exists in their minds. Matter is not able to channel though, but God as we think collectively is broader, eclipsing the universe, its a signal that Friedrich Schiller knows. Love, my dearest me, obey what you bear, tell no one of it

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