Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Gulliver and the magic Apple

The man climbing his tears

At the time Gulliver entered the hull of the vessel, his tears had dried and turned into rope. On this rope he saw a man climbing up a Coconut palm tree, he noticed that in his palm, he showed Gulliver, the leaves of fortune. These are the words that emerged, Death, Obeah, meh Sue sue tief

These were gifts of his past, as it spoke of the joy and accomplishment in dance. A display he thought he could preach the word of God, Dem sink hoes messing in meh mind, ah go jook dem wit meh steel brush

As the man ascending to the crown of the tree, his arms began to turn hairy. What was it now, a werewolf, a hairy werewolf with a phallus tucked between his thighs? Gulliver looked at the peasant and said in a voice that shook the earth, Mister, please, please, I love your dance, its moves sends me to Paradise, jook, jook, jook, what does it represent in you past? The peasant smiled at the giant, he knew that love's beauty was expressed by one's injustice.

Gulliver, closed the ramp of the vessel, he placed his suitcase at his side and sat facing the land of his birth. To him, it looked as a mass of glitter, Carnival Tuesday, at the Queen's Park stage, Wayne Berkeley's band, Paradise Bo Bo Head. A lifeguard stood on the beach, he motioned his navigation flags, two forward, one left, right, three circle, center.

To the port side, an albino Dolphin appeared, like flipper it quecked, chattering its teeth, spitting water and nudged the vessel away from the shore......Discover who you are really, God's interest begins

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