Sunday, August 02, 2009

God reminds us all - No matter what you think he is real

Birth of a gift, Schiller remembers his taboo

God knew that the events in his life would be scrutinized by those too jealous. He knew what was about to happen......

By the time Feinin ended the exercises, he realized that his name, Bookmann was truly his. It was to transcend and mesmerized us of a synergy of minds combined as one.

God answered the questions, he began first by explaining who he was. A long time ago, a giant ball of matter appeared from a place we called en-jour-ney. The matter was simple, it contained nothing much but partials of ice. Each fragment formed shapes. The matter grew immensely, it rotated at speeds beyond anyone's imagination. Alone it expanded forming gravity and spread over time. Along it changed me as I remember you sitting alone, figuring out what was all this shame, I didn't understand until you said, Give him to me father, let me work his art.

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Anonymous said... said...

This is really impressive and powerful work. The birth canal, vagina image is both threatening and sensual at the same time. It gave me a jolt. I am looking forward to seeing where you go from here.

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