Monday, August 03, 2009

Waste no time brother Schiller

Passeport international - The crown of the century, the jewel of enlightenment

Feinin woke with a self awareness that made his mind feel clean, refreshed but void. The albino dolphin which he loved still slept, her eyes were shut and her blowhole spouting small amounts of water. The dolphin's eyelid slowly opened, it was a refection of the sun's glare that woke her. The vessel to her was till moored to the anchor as it rocked gently.Gulliver slept with the magic scroll still clenched to his chest. He looked as if he was in an orgasmic state. What was he dreaming about?

In the dream, Gulliver was reduced to the size of an ant. He stood looking at a track that weaved and curved over the horizon. The air smelled of salt and lemon tea. Gulliver moved, his legs obeyed in a manner that was so complexed. They marched like the turbines of a propeller. The sand stung his face. Gulliver remembered that the suitcase was still attached to his left back leg, it swang, rotated and bounced along. As he scurried, a giant man appeared. He looked to him as if it was he, but why?

Jesus, you know what truth I bring, What? Who? Listen, I'm about to help you cross the ocean, I am not going to forget the words (memory) we spoke of....

The dolphin knew Gulliver was crazy, she knew Friedrich was dead. She queinked, Forget those tongues who share doubt, obey his command, Schiller indeed is not him but a poet still alive

Gulliver slapped the insect that crawled from his nose. This woke him. In Jesus' revisit to him, he recalls, Man is not what he thinks, he is not free but one. Gulliver turned to see her, her back was towards him, and she shook her flippers. The creator I see knows better of all man that walked the earth...the dolphin thought

Were do you come from? Addressing the albino dolphin as she spun around, queinked loudly and danced in the ocean

I know you first, he's not real, he's ashame of worth, I know his father, he's dead too, he knows Friedrich is real. Go, tell me tomorrow, if joy awaits, steal no more

Addendum: The most intelligent animal is the Bottlenose dolphin, then a wasp insect. Man falls not far behind before Ape

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