Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Memory the pursuit of Knowledge

Matter, energy, the source of love - The Soul

The albino dolphin raced to the deep depths of time, she nudged the earth lifting clouds of memories. The anchor was to her left and broke from the time piece. As she carried it back to the vessel, she resisted once again. Was it too soon, did Gulliver think over his thoughts? Did Schiller know everything about Jesus? In fact the man drawn so many years ago was indeed a servant. He called his teachings, testaments. The drawing the dolphin knew was precise, the face, the straggly hair, his high brow, chin and his fixation. Those deep penetrating eyes.

Gulliver woke troubled that his writings and drawings done so many years ago had vanished. He worried then that if the diary was found, the messages inscribed in it would be dangerous to his adversaries. From the net of jew-els, Gulliver took a golden marker and began to trace his memory. His hand automatically responded by jerking. He drew crude curves, angles and musical clefs like symbols, that he remembered in the beginning of the inscription, but nothing more.

God answered. I remember the time you were a light, you came to me and said, I know I am different on this plane. I want you to begin your journey, God tentatively motioned, Keep me in your mind, and think only of the times of Judaism

Feinin remembers the day, Saturday, (London). The place looks like a hospital masked over as a science lab. The physicians and scientists that greet him are intrigued. They look at him in
awe, wisdom and disparaging wonder. What does this artist know? Where in his mind do those facts reside?

The albino dolphin nodded her head, she kept doing it as she traveled to the surface trailing the anchor below. Was this an indication that
Gulliver was doing the right thing?

Send me a sign Schiller that God loves it

.....The fruit from the tree is your temptation, go to it and smother its roots. Allah spoke up, his light grew bright, many damn me as if I rule. He that walk with swords, let him cut his palm, proof that we are the same

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Here I am again, focused on your word and image. Who is to say that only the great Walcott has rights with mythology. Good work Bookmann


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