Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Size matters yes it does

As the ablino dolphin swam, the pelvis propelled her like sonic wave, she reached the surface at the boat's stern and hooked the ancohor to it, The vessel jarred tipping slighly but it wiegh. Gauavavea turn to see her, he loved her so. She know this that his and her heart beat simular, his lather fast, hers slower in equal beats. Gualwat began to woder over his brain, he rembered that the mamanil that had one larger and more complex with bathing in the sea. The albino dolfin was acting qich strange, she was jumping backwards and making a loud crashing sound. Stop hime before he see you died, it is the fathers of time that teach him about greed, hate and dispise. Guadlva look closely at the dolfine, her fin was trned to him and she whipped it intenctencly shrishing it about. Guravar peered at an opening, she notive that the divine was about to give biirth. Her offspring struggesed to free it selft, the ambilical cord lashed to the side.

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