Wednesday, August 05, 2009

The soul

Forget this place, it seeks death in good

As the albino dolphin swam, her pelvis propelled her like a sonic wave, she reached the surface in fractions of time. She guided the anchor to the boat's stern and hooked it on the side. The vessel tipped slightly and
Gulliver turned to see her. He loved her so. She knew this, his heart beat similar and rather fast. Hers was slower in equal beats. Gulliver began to wonder over his brain, he remembered the dolphin had a larger complex one than man.

The albino
dolphin was acting quite strange, she was jumping backwards and making a loud crashing sound. Stop him before he sees you died, it is the fathers of time that teaches him about greed, hate and despise. Gulliver looked closely at the dolphin, she whipped her fin threshing it about. He peered at an opening and noticed that the dolphin was about to give birth. The offspring struggled to free itself, the umbilical cord lashed to the side.

God reminded the dolphin, mother, sister, alone, obey the sea, obey nothing more that of greed, despise and shame.
Gulliver felt his work had changed in the time since the Boca passing. He knew the traditions were to the future. God's word spoke softly again, Challenge me if you dare, let them wonder how great you are?

The work his spoke of dealt with an image of Christ, this was captured in pencil a long time ago. It was the real Christ. He remembers, My mind is open to things that are far fetched, I am scared because I do not understand why many lights follow me. The time you drew, i knew not to be scared of you because it was me in truth*

In the car, Finin felt a presence, it was him, he saw the passerby, things different, lighting rods, moving blocks with noise, stale air. For the moment he knew God forgave everyone because he treasured the image spoken by
Imhotep. Define the energy, its completes schiller, he decides where next to go.

* This drawing is destroyed

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