Thursday, August 06, 2009

The spiral

The spiral and the umbilical cord, man and his master

Gulliver was confused over the word of God, he felt abandon as the albino dolphin was given her fate. The seas beyond looked calm, the owl was not in sight and he needed guidance. Gulliver once again felt alone, he stripped off his clothes and wanted to bathe. The suitcase attached to his ankle kept him from not drifting too far.

The dolphin and her offspring passed by, she nestled in his lap. The blow hold looked like a cave. What Gulliver saw was a step ladder it dropped deep into her soul. Gulliver watched the shores, he could barely see the beach and that of the lifeguard. Strangely there was a brown skinned woman, she bent down a wiggled her bottom at him. Gulliver knew that dolphins communicated by sonar, he knew the tempo in which the woman danced. It sent vibrations in a frequency where death lurked. Gulliver held the dolphin as tightly as he could, she responded by shaking her head no, yes, maybe. The ladder which extended from the porpoise's breathing chamber, he saw himself standing on it and stepping down.

On the ladder, Gulliver tipped slowly, he crept down the chamber illuminated by a lamp. His steps were measured by his courage. Gulliver found the place to be quite damp, the atmosphere made his sneeze. The further he went, the colder it got. Gulliver's ankle got stopped by a hand. The person looked like a peasant, he smiled and said, Good night ................I am sorry you are .............. but you really love money too.

Gulliver was fed up over the biblical and prophetical sayings, he felt forces of evil were at each entrance, they tore his focus, they cried for help. In circumstances he wanted to die.......* Line removed

The spiral, its shape and matter makeup. In the dolphin's mouth if you remember, she carried this disc. The disc was encrusted with razor sharp thorns crystallized in ice

The soul in which Gulliver searched for is matter within all of us. The light that shines is curved and intricate measuring atoms through a linear band of colour, primary, Red, Yellow, Blue, when they merge they become green, pink, orange and purple. The soul of the dolphin rest at her temple, it coils itself and resembles like man's a parachute. The membrane rotates anti-clockwise and the speed is in relationship to one's emotion. In grief, the soul folds up and becomes matter, In anger, the tips become like propellers, defending itself. In joy, the disk extends diagonally and rotates, it peaks, then slows by musical notes in order of, B A G# B A G#. In sex it remains completely still.

The whirling Dervish's dance best acknowledges the soul. The dress represents the disk, the bands of colours represents enlightenment. As the dancer begins to rotate, he twirls to a meditated state of consciousness. As the skirt lifts and reaches perpendicular just below the dancer's neck, God's presence is achieved. In man, his soul is located at his center.

God spoke over Feinin's rage, he warned that destiny had cured the spell of disbelief. Nonsense, he hath curse you my lord*. God spoke in German, Hebrew and Dutch, he wept over Schiller. It was time to abandon his host, If fools teach me to die, let me wept over my own.

Gulliver continued his journey from the dolphin's soul to her heart. He knew it beat a tag slower. The beat he thought brought a fresh memory. It called the voices of eternity to awaken.

The man sat on the muscle, he bumped up and down. He also discovered a book tucked between the vessel of joy. God watched this moment, he sang the notes of the soul. Now he realized that fate, sex and willingness to give up changed time all together.

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