Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Moments in times - Schiller concludes his lover

Verse 2 act 3

Brothers, sisters I'll let you what, I got to fuck. Never in my life I feel so great, Jesus Christ his Saviour is here today. (Drum roll)

Naked as we stand, Schiller begins to foretell his future;

I love him. You bitch, you sick lier. What when wrong? She's a loser, a fat hippopotamus, munching on chips and watching the Young and Restless. Caren, I told you before I reach, to get my fucking food on the table.

What kind of relationship is this? What took you so long to realize he's naked.

Verse 2 act 4

Schiller, Schiller, whose this dude? Schiller, Schiller what a fuck?

He looks like a large ape with tentacles on his toes. The Ape this asshole reported came over. He politely said good morning, and when to the study. The room was quite dim, the chairs look old, and Schiller himself farted, Poof, poof
Gulliver was mused over the verse he read. Transcribed from thought, it filled him mind. Gulasvea said to him, God who ever you are, this is the times you created

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