Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Pusss, Sweets, Darling, Red man, whahappen yuh fraid woman or what?

Feinin working on her doctorate carrying Johnson's baby power to freshen up and broken bottle for protection

You ain't see Taini
La Diablesse passin in dat Hilux and keeping she face straight wit she coki-eye self, is only last night I pull up meh dress for she driver and suck he soft prick, ogeed, as if he working in Klim cheese factory. Meh favorite is dem Maxi Taxi man who does drive meh in style to de off shore lookout. Wit long carpet floor, decoration on de ceiling and ras high bombaclot tune to bull, wit pretty view to watch from de exit window. Ah ask he, where dem school girl hiding?

Yuh passing slow in front by meh and meh powder sisters now since, 007 and Caribbean isle shut down and cause yuh ain't have enough gas money to make a Columbian Marabella. Now dey put big stinking bright light in de swings, chasing we away from dat prime spot.

I tell dem police, judge, doctor, lawyer to wear rubber and dey does sour because dey want to break fresh way in my nunie. I tell dem, you like to keep we top rank in World corruption, murder, kidnap and now you feel I ketching Aids case you carrying. Den, after yuh satisfy yeh want to disrespect meh, as if I have no heart, not knowing yuh mudder make you de same way as yuh try to trow meh out de moving vehicle, when I tell yuh how much yuh own meh including a Normandie or high class Hilton.

Yuh ain't notice i carry bottle to stigmata yuh still to leave permanent mark on yuh face. Fight in Zen my asse, is Wajang yuh wit.

Working in Klim cheese factory - Smegma

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