Thursday, July 23, 2009

Death to thoses who fail to see the beauty in me

Masterworks where thou we deed?

Feinin - Mirrors to infinity, pass, present and future

Dear God, I ask of you today to bring some hope as I regret the things I wrote. If only you know the temperance I suffered to achieve the humble words. I sat before you and began to dream, in turn you sent me racing through the field in fright with monsters who tried to wipe me off then kissed me with a mouth thus fowl. Lost, I can never find the place called home were I feel safe and loved, I am once again abandon and alone. You liked it as before what I did, if so, why embarrass me with guilt if there is truth in what I say?

My life has abundance, you can dream of it. Surely he knows what is happening here. I torture you alone, since you torture me. Begin to see hope in all things, test the world with one sayings, "Survival of the fittest"

God, I love not thy weak, seeth me to sweet dreams

I still don't get it, but he knows nothing but respect from those who think he's alive still, so many finding meaning for their existent. Don't be afraid of this moment it has power beyond ....and that guy knows Jesus, what man on earth can have this in him..."

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