Thursday, July 02, 2009

Micheal Jackson and partner visits the Vatican

Under protective Feinin glass, Micheal Jackson and Bubbles replaces the Pietà at St. Peters, Rome

Pope Benedict XVI, a marble duster claimed as with the New York Times, NBC, ABC, CBS, CNN's sources that could not disclosed their name imparted happily for a trip to Never Neverland after reporting that the Papa went into an emergency session soon after reading Perez Hilton's misjudgment surrounding His king of kings.He had really descended to the Heavenly Father's VIP suit. Curtains were drawn as the Pope knelt close to his gramophone and hummed the lyrics to one of the King of Pop's motifs, Ben sung in German. Sources (marble duster) said that his Holiness teared up, holding an album from his entire collection scattered all over the floor. A tear dropped on a cover and he quickly polished it off clean using his Choir dress.

At midnight plumes of smoke bellowed from the Papa's residence. This was a signal that the Father had smoked up the chimney with a wad of grade A Jah Mary Jane to soften the pain he suffered for the lost of one of the greatest and known entertainers in the history of the New World before Jesus Christ Superstar. At the same, Greenwich Mean Time, Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II in remembrance was moonwalking in front of her Greek Prince King as she skated across Buckingham's great Ballroom floors wearing a pair of white diamond studded silk socks, and nothing more...

And as fast as the Martha Stewart's verdict, the Vatican was shut down to resemble the medieval times as a shroud of Swiss Guards stormed into the St. Peter's Basilica and removed an old stone carving chipped by an unknown sculptor/ painter, jack of all trades artisan during the Renaissance. Painter here, sculptor there. The Pope ordered the obscene kinda same age mother holding her big wimpy son in her lap ART work (There are laws against this you know) to be ground into dust and to be scattered on the floor where the Masterpiece, the Jeff Koon's statue of Micheal Jackson and chimp, Bubbles stood as a memorial to his life, works and billions of worshiping followers.

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