Friday, July 03, 2009

Pain - execute him schiller

Look, see what wonders this singer has done.
Mannequin Mike God like yes, genius no, he made us think only if we had the courage. He not coming back, he left nothing of himself but his words wrapped around a few dance steps. Elvis, James Brown, Micky Mouse had it in them, I just worked daily at it. I know you all are amazed. I am a man in a body of you know. Think, remember what I always said. Billy Jean

I think you know how much it means to me that lovely words are the most important contribution to life. Look, smile at me, I'm truly free. In a few moments of disgust, I though oh well, never end you life with decisions made by others too willing to please. After all we know the truth about every thing up here. I know you are thinking about waste, monkeys, ginger snaps and Coca Cola Zero. Beautiful, so beautiful if only Mama could trick him, I love you all.


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