Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Joan Crawford I can't lie anymore - Hangers take the cake

Don't fuck with me fellas

The Hollywood actress Joan Crawford in a supreme Mildred Pierce shoulder pad dress with a coil do- Feinin-Hermes

This women is trouble over here, She's destructive over her fame which has ended. The trouble is her choice of words. Rude, unbred. No one is listening to you at this moment. Tears on your pillow says good, a women afraid to asked. Tell him the truth Schiller, rip that colossal ape.... bring me a chair, tar, tar, tar tis, puke.

Put down de focking phone, I paying all de bills, How many times ah tell yuh, just add tap water. Ah tell yuh meh boyfriend coming over, so yuh better finish ironing meh pleats stiff with de new and improve Honig Moment Starch, s o l u b l e in cold water, get de dictionary and learn de word. How hard is dat...imbecile. It says not cooking, no focking cooking. After yuh press dem, ah go lock yuh up and tape over de hole so yuh ain't go peep like last time.

This is my house meh fada leave behind. Ah tell yuh for a big woman yuh have no focking mind for yuh-self, and always jealous-ing to be like meh. Well it ain't focking happening. Missy, Missy, who tell yuh to touch meh Pepsi, I go rip your ape face off and dis own yuh one of these days.

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