Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Of cause it's disturbing - Its Baby Jane for God's sake

Baby Jane - The Great Bette Davis - Feinin-Hermes

I can't bring myself to this that a fatherless person can survive. I hurts me to see this portrait reminding us the joy of parenthood. I'm sure that God has some sort of reason for him, this person is truly gifted knowing things beyond my imagination. God, what power if only I knew love to be like this.

I've always cherished my acting abilities with roles that equaled my male counterpart. These times are different I see. A glimpse into the future is rewarding too. I see things so unforgeable that it makes me want to sing. Bring back MGM, poet.

Baby, baby tired, baby want nip

It ain't Bush Rum I using, is up class Royal Oak Trinidad Rum from meh Venezuelan half cousin Angostura using importing molasses from Guyana and bottles polished in Barbados. Baby Jane does bawl when she tire, meh soursup juice ain't working, but a nip of meh special prize rum does make baby eyes close fast and sweet.

Addendum: This study I confess was disturbing particularly when I assembled the doll / infant. I knew her sex to be a girl. I held the child close to my chest and cradled her. It felt very natural but extremely frighting because it was a shell. I was actually holding newsprint, rags tied in plastic bags

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