Monday, June 22, 2009

Thy kingdom come

Sensible to walk by me, I coming you know, finally to change all the good things about sex. You talked me never to breath when I am searching for a place colder, more ambitious than the rain today. I have resisted coming because I am irritated by fame, glamour, money and time.

Right now, I can't help the fact that the devil in his eye composes of me, digging a hole for the truth. Shave off you beard, get ready to move into a World simpler in words of choice. Greatness never is intended for you, brother, I sorry it has come back to haunt me.

Beckham started to excite me, his Worship of his Lord. I'm nothing like the others, I can't even cum properly in your leg. Where is it to go? Tell me for what purpose can one think of? You ain't true, brother, you never said sorry.

Never underestimate the word, I can see more forgiveness with its meaning. Worry, haste and determination can result in failure. Breath truth always, because writers don't lie when problems choose to cover their mouths

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