Sunday, June 21, 2009

Time for KFC baby


I ain't dreaming soldier, I'm smelling it from here, sweet non-smudged greenbacks. My hoes are off tonight, I have you all to myself. Dingo dog's tail ain't a bob, so lie back a enjoy a finger licking good Colonel Sanders Kentucky fry. I like legs and thighs.


Hoe, can't you tell I'm busy, ain't you ashamed of wasting my time when I could be making some dough. My Cadillac better no smell of your snatch, you ain't better not damped my white leathers with you day old pa-fume. Bitch, don't go doing a Mariah Carey on me, I can't take another skank crawling for my attention.


I'm shitting golden bricks brother, soon it will be over and I'll have to fly over to met you pretty soon. I've got it all packed babe. You'll not going to regret it this time, I'll see to that tune. This summer is going to be hot with me wishing for more. I can't take you where I going, It far beyond your mind. You'll just have to sit by the phone...... I'll get back to you....

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