Saturday, June 20, 2009

Wicked ways - Shop running from it

Ain't it way past you bedtime?

My Bed
- Tracey Emin - Feinin Hermes

Come on you know what's about to happen. You can't expect him just to stand here and watch. He's raunchier than ever. I'm caught in a hold, fighting off his rude proposition to meet me half way. What a poet, I'm glad you can't read between the lines because it going to be rough from now on.

I going to get creamed, damaged, walk with a crooked leg. You Bitch, you penny whore of temptation. Hey, I slap your fucking ass if you raise you hand at me, I'll cuff you down brother, I'll break cum full in your jaw. Sick fuck, who the hell does he feel he's talking to... a ghost?

My Bed -Tracey Emin - Nan Goldin - Feinin Hermes

Sit up straight, gather your things, I'm moving out. I can't stand it when you start behaving that you own me something, like my entire life. Shit, ain't that the truth, my whole fucking life sitting at home figuring out what to do about you. I've talked it over, brother and I ain't coming back no matter how hard you make me believe its a useless cause. So wipe up your soiled ass and get Friedrich talking. He better find away before I resort to killing another part of me, meaning you.

Here, I did it, its for sale, its real Baby, fucking real

Stop, stop it K├Ânig. Rest in my arms, forget its pressure to be free. I am with you inside figuring out how to tell you that over on this side, you can't return back from where you began.

Lair, lair pants on fire

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