Thursday, June 18, 2009

Hey hoe.... hoochie mama - Erotic Art continues

Dolce & Gabbana - Feinin Hermes

Damn hoe, you standing between what I like. Money, liqueur, pleasure. You got it made hustler, trick me another Hennessy, Richard Hennessy two hundred year old before I change my mind and ups the price. You can't get this piece without some reservations, without some dues paid to cap my table.

Persian carpets, wristwatches, carrot stud earrings, A Koons, a Warhol, a Clemente. A mink - fresh kill. A stable stocked with a few Grey thoroughbreds. Let Madonna groom them since she's so into projecting wealth way passed my time, Baby, Yes, I want the mansion in the woods, and like nothing else but a few made in China Hummer Cadillac pimp cars to flash by my neighbours, oh, a half a mile away. its all worth it, the business of love to keep me all to you.

I want it all Baby, I want it all fast, so climb on top and fidget over who has the right to enter. Find your way. Test its strength and roll me in a dough of the green kind. Then F. U. C. K. M. Y. A. S. S. G. O. O. D. spot.

I know you can top me like before, I know by your experience that you are not shy, you like to play the game, I see your hands coming over me, wrapping over and suffocating me slowly as you lust over my body. Hoe, you better not stop for a rest, I'm already in heat. So force every ounce of it from the core, pushing it in far, deep, deep inside of me where I am paralyzed, receiving what God says is wrong. Wasting the seed once again over the pleasures of the flesh and not of
Him........creator of the Heavens and Earth......

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