Monday, June 15, 2009

Beckham I've captured - Beckham I'll be

Feinin - Hermes

I get it now, the whole damn thing. It not about love, its about fucking with it. I like its heaviness, I like its camaraderie, its risky business of selling goods. Shit he's good, he believes in the gift of taking, but giving back. Nice package, clean pecks. I don't see it with me, but I'm getting there. Pretty soon I'm sure.

Feinin - Hermes

You can't stand it to see me this way. I shocking some common sense into myself. Don't move, I ready, can you see. David, I know you to be a fine specimen. I can count on your future. Briton, Her Majesty the Queen. I like her too, she a spiting image of my mother. No lie, cross my heart, hope to die

Feinin - Hermes

What a waste, I just lying there wondering about you my dear, I washed it in bleach to get out the stains. It slips sometimes, it finds it niche tucked over but springs back unexpectedly. Don't you hate that? Its sleeping at this time, I did not torture it for the self satisfaction to please you

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