Monday, June 15, 2009

Hey Japanese school girl - Where is your homework?


I am gauging that you lost your keys father. By the looks of things its too late to get back to school. I am hungry for some of your warm milk. I need the clear my throat for the third time after you taught me my first lesson in obedience. It took a while, but I could handle the rod, the instrument of marriage. What a weapon, I like to know more about it, It says so many things about you.


Silly me, what a dodo head. I just wet myself. Laughing at my pail face. You didn't tell me about this side of the story, and what that rod of yours is intended for, me. I can't fathom it is suppose to be like that. I don't think God wants me to experience something so deadly. That instrument of marriage fitting inside of me, in a space so small and tight that I fear I would bleed. Father, tell me its not fair. Why should you tear my skin. Why should you hurt me with such a smile. yet I can't refuse what I don't fully understand.

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