Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Nice Brother - You're not into me

Man Ray - Feinin - Hermes

I went on a rant this morning over the thing I most hate. You staring into my eyes and telling me how good things are between us. I've heard it before, over and over as you read about the future and I never seemed to be part of it. I'm not gifted because I can't see what's behind you back. I presume its a dagger to dispel the truth over the Writer. I can't vowed for his time with me as I think its going down in history.

These studies have brought me right back to a place I often think as Ground Zero. I can't call it friendship because you can't sacrifice time for nothing. Ground Zero, I dislike those words because publicists like you like to simplify horror, pain, destruction. Its always entertainment. How to sell an image.

We want but we don't want, we believed but we don't want to believe
. I'm shedding no tears. I already have my minuscule life to attend with, I can't be bothered with your ankhs. I'm right back like before as if I fed myself with the same bullshit, over and over.....Alone, disillusioned, hurt and abandoned and thinking of sex without sex. I'm just not interested of its kind. Don't come too close. Don't asked me why I don't smile, I much better at grinning to ease the contempt I feel for you.

Why did you have to destroy it? Why did you not trust me. I told you not to, but your fear wanted to prove you were right. This in not the time to regret, its a time to push forward to a place fit for a
K├Ânig, you. No, no you know why, and what was I to do and how was I to explain this? Answer me. If something not happening when you try and try and try, what are you to do? I can't remember all, it needs to be done or what's the point of living?

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