Monday, December 31, 2007

A year in review 2007

A wall painting of the Lion of Judah painted on an abandon wall opened to a littered lot of land, St. James, Trinidad, West Indies.The portrait of the Lion of Judah showed the
care and the pureness in the rendering of a subject by the artist. This work has been destroyed - Painting of the year.

Early in the year, a small court yard in Port of Spain became a venue for independent artists. Alice Yard showed the possibility of bringing performers and artists to the public at large.

Radical Designs entered the world of art by giving a pair of jeans to artists to explore the dungaree as art. In March, the results were held at the National Museum which showed literal interpretations.

April brought a great lost to the Art community and to Trinidad and Tobago as the painter Boscoe Holder lost his battle. His paintings automatically increased in value.

In June at the
White Columns gallery in New York, the folk artist Embah brought his whimsical paintings and miniature sculptures to an international audience. On his return, Embah looked hip with his classic blue converse sneakers.

Everyone knew it was coming, the closure of Caribbean Contemporary Arts, CCA7 and in August 2007 it was official, the floor of the InterAmerica Space was ripped up. And in its process, the space held its last show which is Ex
hibition of the year; the wooden planks from the InterAmerican Space dissembled by a layman

In September, a graffiti artist stenciled the Prime Minster of Trinidad and Tobago as Adolf Hitler because of his fascist attitudes. Debate over the ownership of the work reached in one of the National Newspapers. The street Artist of the year, under the alias name Spade

Chris Ofili solo exhibition, Devil's Pie opened in New York at the David Zwirner Gallery. Art goers looked perplexed over his subject matter mostly related to Trinidad and Tobago. The British artist is losing his magic touch or just running out of ideas.

In November, the Jamaican Roberta Stoddart held her solo exhibition at the National Museum of Trinidad and Tobago, her work explored the ugly and forgotten side of society. Painter of the year.

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