Sunday, September 23, 2007

Bouquet Art - I solicit art

About a year ago, a public art project called Galvanize commenced in several public venues across Port of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago. A small room catered for one of the artists tucked away in a small residence in Woodbrook.

Alice Yard
is Sean Leonard's gig and the genesis of creating it came soon after the Galvanize project.The architect wanted a dialogue in public conversations, be it with art, performance or music and the space seemed appropriate to hosts small gatherings to suit a particular subject.

Since January 2007, Alice Yard had provided forty artists the opportunity to
show their work to a public audience under the guidelines of a committee which includes himself, Christopher Cozier, Nicholas Laughlin and Sheldon Holder. Mr. Holder is responsible for the requisition of music performers, and he is also the lead singer of the local alternative rock band 12. Nevertheless, by attending these shows it will give a clearer description of the curatorial mandate.

One newly addition to the yard is a small recessed gallery which can be encased by a large glass panel door. If this was visible at street level (basically as a showcase), it may have been one of the first in Trinidad and Tobago specifically designed for the purpose of exhibiting contemporary art.

rrently, there is a student installation, the first in a series curated by the art committee. Mr. Leonard considers the entire project as on going process. Alice Yard has already expanded to a upper level courtyard and who knows how adventurous in the world of art, music theater or dance it may leap.

Hangers; Adam Williams, a series of studies and sketches from art class at OCAD and UWI hung on a rack. At last Friday's music performer; Shakeela a singer from Point Fortin who mellowed the crowd with her smooth sultry vocals. See her perform at Youtube

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