Saturday, September 22, 2007

Street Couture - Some naturally have it

In mythology, hair is a sign of seductive beauty and strength

This is Sheldon, and what this rather tall striking man is showing you is his hair plats which were executed by his girlfriend, a petite yet charming girl. As the couple stood outside of one of the popular bars in Woodbrook, Port of Spain, she explained the process by pointing two feet up to his head.
The history of his particular hair style comes simply by comparing a visual of rows of corn in a field, hence, Cornrows. With this specimen, there are rows of plats that are cone shape which extend to the crown. At the forehead, a devision of plats are parted in three which follows the contour of the head, and end at a headband of extended piggy plats.

The art of plating someones hair has a deep cultural root. Between a mother and her child or fathers and their daughters. You can just picture a girl who sat between her parent's legs and stomached the pulls, the grease, the tugs and complaints of not having good hair. More importantly it was the conversations between them both. With Sheldon, he and his girlfriend would have bonded in conversations about their relationship, or perhaps just gossiped about current things, nevertheless it is the human nurturing quality which creates the intimacy. Hair is something people are protective of.

At hair salons for women, to comb-out, treat and plat a braid or weave ones hair takes the entire day, men on the other hand suffer less torture. Sheldon's cornrows took under two hours to complete, but this excludes extra time he took to finesse himself for the evening. The results gives him a sense of kicking hip pop street style.

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